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You have results for your search for an award or map.

A single image will be a map only. Use the place-name or index searches to find the accompanying award.

Multiple images suggest that either the award has multiple pages, or that the map has been copied in sections because of its size. Awards will tend to have more images than maps.

For awards, the image number corresponds to the page number of the award. The index search will give you the page number you need.

For maps, try each image in turn to find the one you need. Usually this is only 2 or 3 images.

Sometimes the award and map are in the same document. If you were expecting to see the map, choose one of the last images in the list - maps are usually at the end of the document.

Owing to the filesize of the images they will take a little while to open. Please be patient. All images will open in a new window.

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