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The market town and ancient borough of Reading lies at the confluence of the Rivers Kennet and Thames. The parish of St Giles included the hamlet of Whitley, and the parish of St Mary included the hamlets of Coley and Southcote, all outside the borough boundary. It lies on the main road from London to Bath, with other roads to Oxford and Southampton. There were two markets a week and four fairs annually.

Further reading
Wordie, R. (ed.), 'Enclosure In Berkshire, 1485-1885' (Reading, 2000) pp.122-125.

Acreage: 4955
Population 1801: 9742
  1831: 15595
  1861: 25045


OS Map Grid Ref(s): 29, 37


Parliamentary Enclosure Maps & Awards

Reading (1858 (Whitley)) - Ref: Q/RDC/96A [ View Image(s) ] [ Search Awards Index ]

Reading (1858 (Whitley)) - Ref: Q/RDC/96B [ View Image(s) ] [ Search Awards Index ]


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