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Windsor Forest

A large area of woodland and heath (much of it converted to agriculture by 1800), interspersed with small settlements, formerly a royal hunting forest, extending over much of east Berkshire and into northwest Surrey and south Buckinghamshire. The soil is mainly sand and clay, with some chalk in the north and gravel in river valleys. The Crown enjoyed extensive rights in the forest parishes. The Windsor Forest award deals with allotments to the Crown only; other allotments were made in the separate awards for Barkham, Binfield, Bray, Clewer, Easthampstead, Finchampstead, Newland in Hurst, Sandhurst, Sunninghill, Swallowfield, New Windsor, Old Windsor, Winkfield, Winnersh and Wokingham. Forest rights were extinguished by the enclosure.

Further reading
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Windsor Forest (1817) - Ref: C54/9682 [ View Image(s) ] [ Search Awards Index ]

Windsor Forest (1817) - Ref: MPA1/60 [ View Image(s) ] [ Search Awards Index ]


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